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site: fantasynews | arena: nhl | pageType: stories | section: | slug: stars-scott-wedgewood-stops-35-in-jersey | sport: hockey | route: article_single_fantasy | 6-keys: media/fantasynews/nhl/reg/free/stories Stars’ Scott Wedgewood: Stops 35 in JerseyThe Golden Knights asked Adidas hockey if it could make a jersey

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Said Matty Merrill of Adidas: “They broke the mold on what a pregame show is supposed to be. They’re just taking these things we built together and making it even better.”Nothing brings hockey fans together like the release of a

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X The New Jersey Devils announced Thursday they’ve promoted Hall of Fame goalie Martin Brodeur to executive vice president of hockey operations and signed him to a multiyear contract extension. Brodeur, who played for the Devils from 1991 through 201MINNEAPOLIS